Our Workforce

Our Workforce

Clinical Directors

Clinical Directors within primary care networks play a pivotal role in coordinating and enhancing healthcare services. They provide strategic leadership, ensuring alignment with community needs. Quality assurance is a priority, with a focus on evidence-based practices and continuous improvement. Effective team management and resource allocation are essential for efficient operations. Engaging patients and advocating for patient-centered care complete their multifaceted responsibilities.

In summary, Clinical Directors in primary care networks drive high-quality, patient-focused healthcare delivery.

Our Co Clinical Directors at MDC PCN are: 

Dr Chris Fatoyinbo

Dr Michael Choong

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists are members of the healthcare team in general practice, highly skilled in the effects and safety of medications, and capable of independently prescribing medication to support patient access. Clinical pharmacists conduct patient-facing and telephone ‘structured medication reviews’ to optimize patient-centred treatment plans for minor ailments and complex long-term health conditions such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and pain management. Clinical Pharmacist also oversee the reconciliation of medications after patient transfers from hospitals,  repeat prescriptions symptoms, and contribute to leading quality improvement projects aimed at promoting evidence-based prescribing and medication safety.

Our current Clinical Pharmacists are:

Ijeoma Imo

Bhavin Patel

Jackie Li

Community Paramedics

Paramedics may be running clinics, triaging and managing minor illnesses, and providing continuity for patients with complex health needs. They will be able to carry out assessments and the management of requests for same-day urgent home visits, as well as regular visits to homebound patients with long -term conditions. GPs will still carry out home visits for patients showing new symptoms, where a diagnosis hasn’t been made and for end-of-life care, but hopefully, the paramedics will complete the majority of visits for patients, where, for example, there has been a worsening of a pre-existing condition. It tends to be mainly elderly or housebound patients or those in a residential home.

The Community Paramedics at MDC PCN are: 

Patricia Murphy

Rebecca McDonald

Care Coordinators

Care co-ordinators help to co-ordinate and navigate care across the health and care system, helping people make the right connections, with the right teams at the right time. They can support people to become more active in their own health and care and are skilled in assessing people’s changing needs. Care co-ordinators are effective in bringing together multidisciplinary teams to support people’s complex health and care needs. They can be an effective intervention in supporting people to stay well particularly those with long term conditions, multiple long-term conditions, and people living with or at risk of frailty.

Our current Care Co-ordinators are:

Fatma Enver

Jane Gardner

First Contact Physiotherapists

First Contact Physiotherapist Practitioner (FCP) are highly skilled physiotherapists who have advanced training in assessing and diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions. Our role involves conducting thorough assessments, providing diagnoses, and formulating treatment plans, often without the need for referral to other specialists. FCPs play a vital role in improving patient access to timely and appropriate care while reducing the burden on primary care physicians and offering specialised expertise in musculoskeletal health.

Our current First Contact Physiotherapists are:

Luke Jenner

Frances Button (Maternity Leave)

Matt Bennett (Maternity Leave Cover)

Johnny Siliviera

Mental Health Practitioners

The MHP will be providing a combination of consultation, triage, advice, and liaison. A range of face to face, remote & telephone consultations may be employed. 

Below are some examples of MHP clinical activity: 

  • eConsult telephone screening 
  • First contact (new presentation) & reviews 
  • secondary-primary transition care planning/review 
  • Depression/self-harm review 
  • Annual SMI physical health check 
  • Social inclusion assessment & signposting 
  • COMHAD assessment and signposting 
  • Administration of depot medication treatments 
  • Carer or Family consultation 
  • Brief psychosocial intervention 
  • Crisis consultation (if available when crisis presents)

Our current Mental Health Practitioners are:

Gideon Owusu-Tawiah

Steven Chukwunonye

Physician’s Associate

Physician associates support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. They work under the supervision of a doctor and trained to perform a number of day-to-day tasks including:

  • taking medical histories from patients
  • performing physical examinations
  • diagnosing illnesses
  • seeing patients with long-term chronic conditions
  • performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • analysing test results
  • developing management plans
  • provide health promotion and disease prevention advice for patients.

Most physician associates currently work in a general practice, acute (internal) medicine and emergency medicine.

Our current Physician Associates are:

Anusha Francis

Denaya Peters

Koyrul Amin

Social Prescribers

Your social prescribing link worker can talk to you about a problem you have or a change you would like to make. If you’re feeling stressed by work, money, housing or loneliness, or if you’d like to make some lifestyle changes to help you manage a health condition, ask your GP or a member of the practice team to refer you for social prescribing.  Your link worker will give advice, information and encouragement and connect you with suitable local services to support you.

Our current Social Prescribers are:

Emma Poole

Kerry Kelleher